Road, bridge, rail, river and airport construction and repair projects in virtually every New Jersey county come to a halt by midnight on Friday, July 8, under orders issued this afternoon by Governor Chris Christie.

Flickr User Dougtone
Flickr User Dougtone

The move stems from the stalemate over a solution to restore the Transportation Trust Fund (TTF), the root source of all the projects listed in multiple-page documents covering transportation infrastructure around the state.

Projects run the gamut in size, from high-visibility sites like the Garden State Parkway to county and municipal culverts, plus environmental services contracts, maintenance and geotechnical engineering jobs, dredging operations, and county airport improvements.

County and municipal projects that use state funds are included. The exceptions are projects using direct federal funds, and those deemed essential to safety and general welfare.

A measure that cleared the state Assembly would have added dedicated money to the TTF by virtue of a 23-cent increase in New Jersey's gasoline tax, from 14 to 37 cents. The hike would have been compensated by a gradual one-percent drop in the state's seven-percent sales tax, starting in 2018. The bill stalled in the Senate.

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