As the Fourth of July holiday is just about upon us, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is urging all area residents to spend at least part of this upcoming weekend down the Jersey Shore.

Governor Chris Christie meets with beach goers in Seaside Park. (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

"The Fourth of July weekend is extraordinarily important to all the businesses that you see around us - really Fourth of July weekend is one of the first tests of the summer, so I want to see as many New Jerseyans and Pennsylvanians and Delawareans and New Yorkers get down here over the Fourth of July weekend," says Christie.

He points out this summer of 2013 is really about doing two things at one time.

"The first thing," he says, "is to talk to folks about how well recovered the businesses and the beaches are down here, and they're in the main, much, much better than people ever thought they would be. But secondly, we have to acknowledge that when we're promoting the shore, it does not mean for a moment that we have forgotten the people that are still not back in their homes or whose businesses are still not open."

Christie adds the more we promote business and get people down to visit the shore, "the greater the revenues will be to the municipalities, the greater opportunity we'll have to leverage the federal funds that are available to us to be able to rebuild these homes and get people back."

He adds the bottom line is folks need to know when you come down to visit the shore, not only are you going to have a good time for your family, but you're doing something good for people in need.


Courtesy Governor's Office