So here in America we seem to look down on "monopolies" yet when you think of it there is a "monopoly" in Washington between the Democrats and Republicans. We obviously see how a two party system can come to a deadlock .... with nothing getting done. So is it time for the "two party" system to come to an end ?


If you look at this Presidential election it's obvious that the political landscape is changing and it's not just Republicans.... Lets look at the Democrats first, with two very different candidates. Is Hillary Clinton a "liberal" or is she more the "Democratic Establishment" ? If you listen to mainstream media they will tell you that young voters are more liberal and Hillary does not do well with younger voters... so is she then less "liberal" then her opponent. As far as Bernie Sanders, he is ultra "liberal" and is an Independent that some say is a "socialist". So is the Democratic party fractured as well, with "establishment" and the "left wing liberals".


Turning to the Republicans, is the GOP dead?  or like the Dems... fractured? Obviously Donald Trump is the "Non-Establishment"  candidate ... an "Independent" in disguise? Trump is bringing in not just Republicans but also Democrats and Independents. Ted Cruz I guess at this point is the closest thing to the "establishment" as there is among the GOP candidates still standing. If you hear mainstream media they say the GOP will be different after this election... so what does that mean? Will there be a "conservative party"  or a "nationalist party" ... maybe the "tea party" or a return of the "whigs" ?


So the question is ... will it be good for Americans to have a "multi" party system or keep the current two-party system ?



Also today is "Super Tuesday Part 3"  and we wanna see who your supporting at this point. For the Republicans is it Donald Trump or Ted Cruz ? For the Dems is it Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders ?



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