A very special camp in New Jersey will once again be allowing kids with cancer to just be kids by forgetting they're sick and leaving their worries as well as their parents behind for a week. That's the purpose of Camp Quality that's going into its 7th year in New Jersey and has 14 camps through out the United States with many more in Canada.

Camp Quality New Jersey Spokesman Walter Cooper says all too often .. kids with cancer are treated like porcelain dolls and rarely get a change to let loose and just have fun. He says "the children get to go on zip-lines and bungee jumping and row boating and karaoke and etc,etc which most parents aren't going to allow their kids to do ... so, It's kind of like a getaway for the children and it also gives the parents a week of relaxation knowing that the child is in good hands."

He says the camp has a medical team on hand and pairs the campers up with one-on-one adult companions. He says they accept kids ages of 5 to 17 regardless of the stages of their illness or their unique abilities but they must be able to spend a week away from home or the hospital.

Cooper says they need more volunteer companions. If you're interested applications can be found at their web site campqualityusa.org/nj. He says you can also call him at 732-547-3551 or send an e-mail to walter.cooper@campqualityusa.org