Hundreds of Seaside Heights dwellers whose cars and boats were pulled off the streets by APK Towing of Toms River can get them back for free starting Wednesday.

APK Auto Repair's lot in Toms River (Phil Stelton, Toms River Magazine)

New Jersey Attorney General Jeff Chiesa today revealed the agreement between acting Division of Consumer Affairs Director Eric Kanefsky and APK President Matthew Zucaro. The deal covers cars and boats towed by the company, or brought to its storage lots by other tow crews, from noon of October 27 until midnight November 9.

The agreement quells an uproar that began almost as soon as the superstorm subsided. Complaints of exorbitant towing fees and rough customer treatment flooded local, county and state authorities. APK subsequently agreed to flat $250 fees for each vehicle involved.

Registered owners should visit to identify their cars or vessels. Data should indicate whether the location is the: Bamber lot, 2630 Lacey Road, Forked River; the Coolidge Avenue lot, 2032 Route 37 East, Toms River; or the Impound Inventory lot, Bay Boulevard at Sumner Avenue, Seaside Heights. Cars in the impound lot towed before the storm don't qualify. Those without Internet access can call 800-242-5846.

Consumer Affairs agents will be stationed at the lots to work with owners Wednesday and Friday, 9 AM through 3 PM. More days will be added next week.

APK admits no wrongdoing and does not preclude additional investigation, under terms of the agreement.