I tackled a big project recently - I cleaned up my spare room, which had become my de facto storage room. I accomplished a lot, but was left with hundreds of pieces of old mail that I'm not comfortable throwing in the trash or recycling.

Normally, when I get something like a credit card offer, I'll tear it up a few times and throw it away. But old credit card bills, bank statements, etc, I've always put aside. I have a small shredder, but as happens with most of us, the pile got way too big for a small home shredder to handle.

I could spend hours shredding the old mail piece by piece, letting the machine cool down in between, emptying the small bin, and shredding more, or I could go to one of the Ocean County Department of Solid Waste Management's document shredding stops.

This was exactly the solution I was looking for.

Each month, a mobile industrial shredder will be brought to a different location in Ocean County, and residents will be able to bring up to six boxes or bags of documents to each stop. They ask that you bring personal documents only, no commercial or business documents.

It's a great, free solution for a problem that a lot of us have - old papers with private information sitting around the house. For dates and locations, just click here.

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