The Fair Tax movement gets some added momentum as the proposed Fair Tax Act of 2013 is planned to go for a vote by the chairman of the Means and Ways Committee.

Fair Tax bus at the U.S. Capital in Washington D.C.
Fair Tax bus at the U.S. Capital in Washington D.C. (Fair Tax)

Georgia Congressman Woodall announced Michigan Representative David Camp would be bringing the proposed bill up for a vote within the next 35-40 days.

It’s good news to John O’Rourke, volunteer state director of Fair Tax New Jersey. While the Georgia and Michigan representatives have voiced their support of the Fair Tax legislation, O’Rourke is still working on convincing 3rd District Republican Congressman Jon Runyan.

“Congressman Runyan is telling me he has concerns about the Fair Tax and how its implementation will affect the economy, and I’ve offered to sit him down and brief him on that.”

O’Rourke says Runyan told him he will vote on it if it comes to the Congressional floor, but O’Rourke feels the Representative should be better informed before such a vote were to take place.

Before a vote can take place in the Means and Ways Committee, a study needs to be done on the Fair Taxes fiscal impact. O’Rourke says any study should prove the benefits of Fair Tax.

“That will be one of the ‘hold ups’, and it could take a couple of weeks or a couple of months.” Says O’Rourke.

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