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Let me first state that it isn’t my intention to stop celebration or the festivities that go along with Columbus Day, or to push buttons. It’s to get my point of view across on why I refuse to celebrate Columbus Day. While I reserve the right to my opinion, I will be using factual information to back up my reasoning behind not celebrating Columbus Day, or someone like Christopher Columbus, and I will do this by making points that I urge you to consider and ponder for yourselves.

13-foot statue of Christopher Columbus (Spencer Platt)

For starters, Christopher Columbus didn’t discover The United States of America - or even North America. Columbus sailed on four separate voyages under the Spanish flag where he discovered islands in the Caribbean (present day Bahamas & Hispaniola). Columbus never landed in North America - or even step foot on it for that matter, however, he did discover the coastline of Central and South America. So to conclude that Columbus “founded America” is wrong. It is believed that Leif Erikson discovered parts of Canada 500 years before Columbus.

Additionally, Christopher Columbus’s ships were not named the Nina, Pinta, and The Santa Maria. The Santa Maria’s original name was “La Gallega”, while the Nina’s nickname was “Santa Clara”. It’s also believed that the Pinta was actually named something different, but historians have not figured out what the actual name of the boat was.

The biggest reason why I don’t celebrate Columbus Day is quite simply because - he was a rapist, a murderer, and a criminal. Where Columbus and his crew did land - on the coast of the Americas, he enslaved the native people and in some cases brought them back to Spain - and killed anyone that didn’t obey his self-proclaimed rule. Columbus and his crew also brought diseases such as the measles that wiped out the native people left and right because their immune system wasn’t that of the Europeans.

One of the big discoveries that we would be able to give Columbus, is that he proved the Earth was round. It's thought that European leaders at that time were so flabbergasted by this discovery, that they overlooked the brutality that ensued thousands of miles away.

Let me be clear: I am not calling for the immediate shutdown of every Columbus Day parade, barbecue, or get together in Ocean County - I’m just stating my opinion (backed up with proven facts) on why I don’t celebrate Columbus Day.

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