This week, we celebrate a holiday that's all about giving thanks.  With every year, I realize more and more how important it is to SAY thanks, not just to think about what you're grateful for.  Recently I attended a memorial service for a college professor who died.  I was honored to share with the crowd how this man influenced my life and career.  How he was not only an educator, but also a mentor.  The only thing I regret about that service was that the professor was not there to witness all of us singing his praises and expressing our love.

On the flip side, however, I'm so thankful that during my time in London last year, I made a special trip to the home of another professor/mentor.  I looked him in the eyes and told him how much I loved having him as a teacher.  A month after my visit, I learned he had died.  Sad news for sure, but there was comfort in knowing he knew how much his students loved and respected him.

My advice?  Think about the people who have influenced your life.  Think about what you learned from them.  And say thanks, preferably while they're alive.  You never know if and when you will see them again.  Sorry, that probably sounds a little gloomy for a happy holiday week.  But one of the lessons I learned from having lost both my parents is that it's really important to EXPRESS love and gratitude.  Two beautiful feelings that are best when shared.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Have you ever sent a note or made a phone call to someone from your past to say, "thanks?"

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