Have you downloaded the new Apple iOS 8 ? Get Shawn's review

So Apple has released it's new iOS 8 and of course whenever there is new technology I cannot wait to get it. I downloaded the latest update for my iphone and Apple says it's one of the most comprehensive updates they've released. So lets break it down an see whats hot!

  • Messaging: There are a few great goodies! One I love best is the new way to add "voice" to a text message. Simply hold the microphone, record and send in your message. Great when you wanna avoid typing for an hour. There is also easier ways to send video, photos and maps right into your text with someone. This feature makes it SO easy to share with friends and family. This has to be the best update for "messaging" that I can remember since becoming an Apple customer.
  • Photos: Of course you know I love taking photos and my iphone is such an easy way to capture pics and share. The new iOS 8 lets you search your photo library easier and edit your photos with a new dashboard to create even better photos. There are new "smart" adjustment features for lighting, color, etc and new built in "filters". The iphone camera is the most popular camera in the WORLD! The cool new feature is the "time lapse" video feature....can't wait to play with this one!
  • Keyboard: It's a new feature that allows you to select words that fit your text , to save you time and tapping. "Predictive text" makes writing even quicker and easier. It's different from "spell check" and it only applies ... if you choose to use. iOS 8 helps to finish your thoughts lol .... Lazy ? maybe but it is handy technology.
  • Health: There's a neat new app that comes with iOS 8 to monitor your health easier.
  • Spotlight Search: The search engine is enhanced and shows tons of relevant info for  topics your looking for within your iphone, ipad or mac.....



Well I would have to say that I am impressed with the new iOS 8 and the download went smooth and no glitches! Can't wait now for iOS 9 ! lol