The hardest thing about any political campaign is how to win without proving that you are unworthy of winning ~ Adlai E Stevenson



So I was driving and came to an intersection only to see dozens of political signs one after the other on top of each other. I literally laughed out loud , it was a "sign" garden. So I thought ..... does being bombarded by a candidates message make you more likely to vote for them ?

I'm a big fan of our election system, the political process ... I VOTE. I know candidates have to get their "message" and their "name" out there.  Seems now though that if one campaign puts a sign down the opposition must, then another and so on and so on. Before long you have a "sign garden"

Am I over thinking this ? Is this just the new normal every Fall ? Or optical pollution ?

So what do you think ? Is it too much ? What would you do ?