It was 31 years ago E.T. came to the theaters!  Wow it was a great movie.  From the little alien to the kids, to the Reese's Pieces.

It was back in 1982 when it was released in theaters and I have to tell you, every time it comes on TV, I watch it.  I remember growing up seeing it in the theater several times and then it was always played on Thanksgiving Night on cable.  It was something we always did as a family.  After all of the Thanksgiving festivities coming home and turning it on.

So, Shawn and and I were talking about that little E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial and I said, I always thought he was rather cute.  He said no way!  Come on the way he walked around and when he said, "Phone Home"!


You know what my next question for you is....Do you think E.T. was cute?

**I'm so happy-- lot's of you said, "YES" to cute this morning!

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