My radio pals and I got some dog therapy over the weekend.  Shawn and Sue, and many of you were at DogFest in Windward Beach.  Brick Rotary once again did a great job putting on this event.  With a wide variety of pooches, some with costumes, some without, it seems a fun time was had by all.

My doggie day involved dozens of long eared basset hounds.  It was in Pennsville, Salem County, NJ.  BassetFest is an annual event put on by Tri State Basset Rescue, the same folks who run the BoardWaddle basset parade in Ocean City.

With food, games, friendly humans, and hounds who were happy to be petted and bellyrubbed,  it was the best kind of dog therapy.

With so much violence and scary stuff happening in the world, it felt good to be surrounded by cute canines who don't seem to have a care in the world.  It was a nice escape.

When things get stressful, do you take comfort in being with pets, either your own or your friends'?

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