For most of Ocean County, this week is Spring Break. With kids off school, parents have to make a choice, do you take the week off work to spend Spring Break with the kids?

You can tell just from driving around the shore this week and listening to our traffic reports that there are fewer commuters on the roads during Spring Break.

For some, it's not only a great opportunity to enjoy some time off with the family, but it's the perfect time to take a proper vacation and travel for a couple of days.

But, on the other hand, there are also plenty of us who'd prefer to save those vacation days for the summer or winter and make a full vacation out of the days we're allotted.

So if you have kids who are off this week, what do you do? Do you take off too and do something as a family, or do you let the kids relax for the week and hang out with their friends outside of school?

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