Summertime is a great time to get the bikes out !

I do not ride my bike as often as I'd like to, but if I can go for a ride once or twice a week this summer I'll be very happy. Funny but I actually like when I'm riding, but I for some reason just get distracted getting on it!

My bike is nothing fancy and Ive had it for years, but its comfy and a smooth ride .... My "Pee-Wee" bike, minus all the gadgets he had.

There are tons of great places to ride bikes through-out the Jersey Shore. I prefer a simple ride through my neighborhood because its scenic and low traffic.

Lotta Reasons To Ride A Bike ...... Some really good health benefits:

  • increased cardiovascular fitness
  • increased strength
  • increased balance and flexibility
  • increased endurance and stamina
  • increased calories burned

So Do Your Ride A Bike ?