It's a dance that I see every day. I call it "The Red Light Creep".

You've definitely seen it. You may even do it - you're at an intersection where the light is red, and the person at the front can't help but creep forward little by little.

I've seen everything from subtle adjustments, to people practically ending up in the middle of the intersection while the light is still red.

I don't know if people think that they'll telepathically make the light turn green faster if they creep up little by little, or if it's just impatience.

The best is when you observe the "red light creeper", doing the dance the whole time the light is red and then, when the light turns green, they don't move.

I can't necessarily call this one of my pet peeves because it really doesn't have an impact on my ability to get around, but it is definitely one of those strange behaviors that I see pretty much every day.

Do you see "red light creepers"? Are you one? Comment below and join in the conversation!