Last night marked two major steps in the saga known as Charlie Sheen's life...Ashton Kutcher stepped in to replace Charlie as his character was finally 'killed off' on Two and a Half Men...and more importantly, we finally got to see the Roast of Charlie Sheen on Comedy Central.

This picture alone, with comedian Jeff Ross dressed as Moammar Gaddhafi, should be warning enough that roasts hold nothing back, especially roasts on Comedy Central. The comedy is usually raunchy at best, complete with low-blows, jokes that go too far, and more awkward moments than my last date.
Last night's roast was no exception...Kate Walsh landed the first jab about Charlie's kids being taken away, Ross laughed about Charlie's history of domestic violence, and Anthony Jeselnik made a quip about Michael J. Fox that legitimately made my jaw drop. Lots of folks are blogging away about how Amy Schumer's joke directed at Steve-o (of Jackass fame) regarding his suicide attempt and the recent death of his close friend Ryan Dunn went too far.

Were this jokes offensive? Yes. Were they over the line? Yes. I don't even think I'd attempt to air any of it on the Point. However, I'm not quite sure what people were expecting. Lisa Lampanelli is usually at these things...anyone who has ever heard her stand-up should know the kind of comedy to expect. It's dirty, it's the complete opposite of politically correct, and if everyone would stop taking themselves so seriously, it's FUNNY.

The best part of a roast is that everyone makes fun of eachother, and they all laugh at themselves. Yes, some jokes are perhaps "too soon", and they are downright MEAN, but these people are comedians. They aren't professors, priests, or moral police. They are is their job to make you LAUGH. So lighten up, live a little, and enjoy it for what it is. These people aren't monsters, they aren't maliciously disrespecting anyone, it's all in good fun.

And COME ON, you KNOW you wanted to laugh at that Michael J. Fox joke. I'm pretty sure Michael would laugh at it too.

Did you think the roast went too far?