It is not joke that this election season is going to be very tumultuous, and I have written about the impact that the next few weeks are going to have on New Jersey. 

However, it doesn’t mean that we have to be mean to supporters of the opposite side, of the candidates — they are people, too. 

My travels home usually include the Garden State Parkway southbound and I usually get off of the Waretown exit because I do not want to pay the toll hike to get off of the Barnegat exit — in other words: I’d rather take Route 9 the rest of the way. 

Last week I forgot my EZ-Pass so I had to go through the exact change lane to get through the toll and I saw the most repulsive thing on one of the coin counters. Look, I get it. People are set in their ways politically, but do we really have to be ignorant about this? We are all Americans. 

I wasn’t even the anti-vaccination stickers that made my blood boil like usual — it was the white tape with sexist and disgusting writing on it. 

The sticker says, “Pedo/Ho 2020” and then written under each has “Bite Me” and “Harris”. Now, my infuriated side wants to jump right on the spelling errors, but their point nonetheless has been made. Whoever wrote this does not like Joe Biden or his running mate Kamala Harris — and that is okay. However, when you bring it to a sexist and false flag level, that is ridiculous and you my (not-in-a-million-years) friend need a life. 

I am also calling out Governor Phil Murphy and the New Jersey Department of Transportation — clean up the toll booths! This is state property and people do not need to see political signage — sexist ones at that — everywhere they go. 

The best part is that workers from NJDOT have already definitely seen the salacious stickers and knowingly did not remove them. The old "75 cents toll" signage is covered with tape to indicate the new 95 cents toll.

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