I would think (hopefully) most of my co-workers can agree that i'm a very polite person. I'm so polite, I hate saying i'm polite. Since I was a kid my parents always taught me how to be respectful when talking to others, by saying "please" and "thank you", by holding the door for others, and at the dinner table, no elbows on the table, napkin on the lap - the whole nine yards. I feel like I'm a better man because of it. The one thing they forgot to instill in me is: NEVER ASK SOMEONE THEIR POLITICAL PARTY!

Yesterday I was in WAWA and a lady was rambling something about Donald Trump and how much she hated him, she turned to me and gestured something about how much she hated him, so I simply (and innocently) asked, "So, does this mean you're votin

g for Hillary?" When I tell you the look on her face was of complete disgust, it was bad. Keep in mind, the way I said it wasn't mean, abrasive, or malicious. She took her things and began to walk out and said "mind your own business" followed by of course, the Jersey way, a bunch of obscenities.

I'm shocked. Is everyone like this? Should that be added to my list of things to do out of respect: not ask someone who they're voting for, or their political party affiliation?