I just ate two of the best meals of my life.  And I have my sister and the Food Network to thank.  On a weekend road trip to Annapolis, she expressed interest in trying two restaurants she had seen featured on TV.  One place served crabcakes, burgers and giant milk shakes and got the best of "Man" on that show "Man vs. Food."  The other was featured on "Diners, Drive- Ins, and Dives."  Both had huge menus, friendly service, a neighborhood vibe, and delicious food.  If we had more time in the city, we would have returned to those same places...they were THAT good.

Seeing Justin's post about the NJ Donut Trail and the Food Road Trip (http://wobm.com/your-next-food-road-trip-the-new-jersey-donut-trail/) got me wondering how YOU decide what places to eat at.  My sister and her family like to use the TV shows as a guide.  Do you decide, in advance, which restaurants you want to try?  Which online resources do YOU usually use to guide you:  Yelp?  TripAdvisor?  ChowHound?

Please share in the Comments section how you go about trying new places to eat.

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