Doing A-C will soon not only mean enjoying entertainment, dining and shopping. It will also include admiring and even purchasing fine works of art.

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The Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) is partnering with the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey and the Noyes Museum to bring artist and their works to the first floor of the $30-million Wave parking garage on Mississippi Avenue.

CRDA executive Director John Palmieri says the initiative, which was included in its Atlantic City Tourism Master Plan in the beginning, is not about making money "but it will create a little bit of energy behind destination. It will support retail. It will create more activity for visitors. The gallery, I think will attract a number of visitors who don't typically come into the city. So, that's our purpose."

Palmieri also sees the project as creating an anchor for the Arts District in Atlantic City.

"We see it as being very complementary, consistent with the arts program that we do support right now through the Atlantic City Alliance and the work that they've been doing to reclaim vacant lots and to do the boardwalk light and sound show. It's all part of this larger effort to create some energy behind arts programming and people."

Palmiera says the plan calls for the CRDA to build out the 16,000-square-feet of arts retail space at a cost not to exceed $2 million dollars. The Noyes Museum and the college will lease out and manage the project which will feature a ceramics studio, gallery space and individual artist studios where local artisans will be able to create their fine works and offer them for sale to the public.

According to the CRDA's press release, the future goals for the Arts and Culture District include affordable housing to artists and their families, studio and exhibit space featuring various forms of public art and an eclectic mix of retail storefronts. They say this component will improve the walk ability of the city and create a unique community and neighborhood dynamic that will be clean, safe and friendly.

Get more information at the CRDA website.