Cory Booker says he lives in Newark despite the assertion of Republican Senate opponent Steve Lonegan and a political website.

Cory Booker campaigns in Camden (@Booker4Senate via Twitter)

Lonegan held a press conference outside what he called Booker's “Cory Booker’s purported residence” on Hawthorne Avenue in Newark on Monday after the Daily Caller posted on their website that neighbors had only seen security detail and police coming in and out of the residence.

Kevin Griffis  Booker’s communications director, told BuzzFeed in a statement that Booker lived at that address for 16 years and moved out several weeks ago to Longworth Street, a three-story multi family home. Griffis said Booker lives on the third floor; his security detail is based on the second floor and the first floor is empty.

Griffis calls Lonegan's press conference “laughable” and “desperate.”

Lonegan is skeptical of the move.  “In the middle of a major U.S. Senate race? And preparing for a major debate against me?” he told BuzzFeed. “It speaks for itself.”

The New York Post pointed to the Essex County Board Of Elections record showing the move and Booker's change of address made before the deadline to vote in tomorrow's special Senate election. “He walked right out of the main door with a couple of guys," a neighbor told the Post . They looked like police officers. He’s been there for a little while. very friendly man. He waves to everyone.”