I am ready for this!  It's all about being positive...CrossFit?  Have you ever done it?  Let's do it together!  CrossFit Lithium recruited me and now it's your turn!

I'd love for you to join me as I enter Boot Camp for "Sue's Slim Down Challenge"!  Am I kidding myself when I say, I can do this!  I know I can!

If you're a listener to Shawn and I you know that I'm not a big exerciser and I love my snacks.  But I thought...this is going to be fun, great for the body and possibly the mind.  I am READY, are YOU?  Let's do this together!  Call them today to get involved...732 - 684 - 8732.  Come join me for Boot Camp!

It all starts this Saturday!

Saturday October 10th, 2015

It's 6 Weeks of the "World's Best Boot Camp" with Danielle!

Crossfit Lithium

170 Oberlin Avenue North / Suite 15

Lakewood, NJ

732 - 684 - 8732

It's time...let's do it together!  Join me for this life-changing Boot Camp!

It's a 6 week journey that we can do together--

18 Live Workouts

21 bonus Workouts

Nutrition Advice

Supplement Advice

Easy, Yet Challenging, Physical Training

How about a better booty?

And you'll be mentally stronger!  And let's face it, I need some help physically and mentally!

WHO'S IN WITH ME?  See you Saturday!  732 - 684 - 8732


This post has been sponsored by CrossFit Lithium, located at 170 Oberlin Avenue North/Suite 15 in Lakewood.  Call them at 732-684-8732 to schedule an appointment.  Sue Moll is receiving compensation to experience and promote this training program.