Greek Organizations at colleges across the nation are in the middle of recruiting, pledging, and initiating new members this fall


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We all grew up with the movie Animal House and the gang from Delta Tau Chi at Fabor College, but for many "greek" life at college can be more than that...yes there is some extreme socializing, but not all frats are driven by the weekend party. I won't deny we had our share, but we were a broadcasting frat. We got our name from the term (Megahertz) which is used in measuring radio frequency MHZ, which then became greek and Mu Eta Zeta. As always a little research is needed for anything you do while in college, so greek organizations and your choice is no different .

Our fraternity was a fun group. Unlike alot of greeks, we did not seperate the guys into "fraternity" and gals into "sorority" we had one group with brothers & sisters as equals. We did have a good share of fun in our frat "house" .. which was more like a condo lol but it worked. I served as president in 1986 and I look back with fond memories. One of my favorite times was during the "Greek Week" festivities, which was really our greek olympics with everything from chariot races to beer chugging contests.....alot of fun and we always held our own :) The "greeks" you see (Above)  are my originals...nearly 30 years old and complete with pizza,paint and grass stains lol  I will never throw that shirt out ! I enjoyed my "greek" life, its not for everyone...but try to work with your kids to find a group that best fits THEIR'll be best fo them :)


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So did you join a greek organization in college?

Are your children involved ?

Or do you think Greek Organizations are bad and a distraction for students ?