It may only be August, but you may have noticed holiday displays and deals are already hitting the stores.

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

Toys R'Us has already announced that its price-match guarantee will include online retailers. Stores are filling their shelves with holiday items and layaway is starting in September at some stores.

"What's most important to remember about the holiday season for retailers is that the final two months of the year, November and December, can account for as much as 40 percent of a company's annual sales. So, that means getting out there early and getting a customer's attention is very important in such a competitive marketplace," said Kathy Grannis, spokesperson with the National Retail Federation.

In fact, previous surveys conducted by the National Retail Federation have found that year-over-year, 40 percent of holiday shoppers begin their shopping before Halloween.

"There are plenty of people picking out pumpkins and holiday decorations at the same time," said Grannis. "The economy has shifted many Americans views on when and how to shop."

"These days, retailers make it very easy for people to find the best ways to get the best bang for their buck. Whether it's spreading out their spending by shopping for holiday items in August or using layaway in October as a way to stretch their budget, retailers are trying to get out there right now and help families save money this season while getting great value for what they buy."

"This is the Super Bowl for the retail industry and the holiday season means big money," said Grannis. "Even the littlest dollar goes the long way in retail and the economy certainly helps drive a lot of retailers decisions in terms of how they attract their customers and when they begin promoting to their customers."

Retailers are still taking their time with their larger deals and displays.

"What we're seeing now are the small products retailers know will fly off the shelves, like the ornaments, tree skirts and the like," said Grannis. "Full-blown holiday promotions won't start until at least late October or early November."


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