As time-consuming as it must be to maintain a 15% approval rating, Christie somehow managed to fit a baseball game into his schedule.

Christie was at CitiField watching the Mets take on the Cardinals. In the top of the 3rd inning, Cards' shortstop Paul DeJong sent a popup into the stands on the first base side.

In what might be the most athletic thing he's ever done, Christie leaned slightly towards his left and made the bare-handed catch.

Okay, I'll actually give him a modicum of credit, because he did manage to make a one-handed catch without a glove. It's not like it was a scorching line drive, but I've still seen plenty of guys drop a foul ball when they try to use one hand. The cameras also cut away just as it seems Christie is giving the ball to another fan, but that doesn't stop the crowd from booing the hell out of him.

Considering the state of the Mets, who do you think will get playing time first, Christie or Tim Tebow? Right now the only thing lower than Tebow's batting average is Christie's approval rating ZING!

"Nice to see him get from the beach here to the ballpark" is the best line I've heard from a radio announcer in FOREVER.

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