A new FDU PublicMind poll finds the front-runners in the race for NJ Governor and U.S. Senate are maintaining their sizeable leads.

Governor Chris Christie and Newark Mayor Cory Booker (Governor's Office, Tim Larsen)

"In the race for Senate, Newark Mayor Cory Booker goes into the post-Labor Day period with a double-digit lead over his opponent, Republican Steve Lonegan. We found that 50 percent say they'd vote for Booker if the election was held today, compared with 22 percent who say they would vote for Lonegan," says poll Director Krista Jenkins.

"The Governor continues to draw strong support for his re-election bid, half of all registered voters would support him in an election today, compared to 26 percent who say they'd vote for his opponent, State Senator Barbara Buono."

Jenkins points out Christie's support is down a bit from when the same question was asked in June. Back then his lead was a larger 57 to 27 percent, but he's still comfortably ahead.

She adds the poll also finds Christie and Booker are doing well among voters in their respective parties, while

"Lonegan has the support of 56 percent of Republicans, with almost a third favoring someone else, and Buono has the support of almost half of all Democrats, with 29 percent favoring Christie in the upcoming election."

There's been some discussion about Governor Christie bringing more Republicans into the Legislature if he wins big in November, but Jenkins says that isn't necessarily the case.

"We find that 61 percent say a Christie endorsement of a State Legislative candidate would make no difference to whom they'd ultimately vote for."

When it comes to the Lut. Governor candidates, she says "we find that very few New Jerseyans have actually heard of them and have an opinion on them."

Looking ahead to the 2016 presidential campaign, Jenkins says the poll also finds "among Democrats, Hillary Clinton tops the list with 63 percent and Chris Christie trumps the other possibilities among Republicans with 51 percent support."