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Who doesn't like Cheetos? Who doesn't like mac & cheese? So why has it taken this long for these two "cheesy" favs to come together?

Chester Cheetah may be on to something as Cheetos Mac & Cheese will soon be on your store shelves here in Ocean County!

According to Delish .... Cheetos has three flavors that will be available:

  •  Bold & Cheesy
  •  Flamin' Hot
  • Cheddar Jalapeño

This new product doesn't surprise me at all and this will make Cheetos fans happy by combining their bold flavors with the classic mac & cheese. Look for these cheesy products next time you go shopping, and eat it with a fork or spoon....keep your fingers clean with no Cheetos dust.

For Cheetos fans here's some info about their famous mascot Chester Cheetah. Chester debuted in 1986. Before Chester Cheetah it was their mascot Chester Mouse, who debuted in 1971. Chester Mouse disappeared sometime in 1979. Chester Cheetah then became the official mascot in 1986.

Chester Cheetah has had his own plush doll, video games and even appeared in an Archie's comic

Here are some of Chester Cheetah's best sayings....

  • "It's not easy being cheesy"
  • "The cheese that goes crunch!"
  • "Dangerously cheesy!"

So what do you think are you curious? are you gonna give Cheetos Mac & Cheese a try when you go shopping? If you do be sure to let Shawn & Sue know if it's "orange" thumbs up or a thumbs down ....


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