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Topic A Blog Sunday 3/3/13
Today on Topic A
The Pope and Obama Together in Jerusalem?  Is Revelation 13 Unfolding Before Our Eyes? Click HERE for Some Insight
What Is The Real Reason Obama is Going to Israel?  Watch the Video HERE
Topic A Blog Sunday 2/17/13
Report: Township Paid Mayor's Former Aide for Her Silence in Harassment Claim
Searching For A Piece Of The Meteor
Deadine For FEMA Assistance Approaching
Topic A Blog Sunday 2/3/13
Obama's Latest MARTIAL LAW "Litmus Test": Military Leaders Must Fire on Citizens Select HERE to DEMAND Congress STOP Obama's "Emergency Powers" Executive Orders!
Click HERE for the Five Things to Know About the Robert Menendez Scandal
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Topic A Blog Sunday 1/27/13
After 34 years, Topic A has Moved up to the 4th floor of 8 Robbins St. in Downtown Toms River.
Obama Removing all Military Leaders from Command if they will not fire on U.S. Citizens. Click HERE for More
Will Rand Paul run for President in 2016?
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Topic A Blog Sunday 1/13/13
Trump releases birth certificate to Bill Maher. Click HERE for more
I'd never join a club that would allow a person like me to become a member.  Video
NFL Playoffs Schedule
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Topic A Blog Sunday 12/9/12
Volunteers Help New Jersey Communities With Beach Cleanup. Click HERE for More of the Story
Rodents are an Unwelcome Visitor in Sandy Aftermath. Click HERE for more of the Story
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Topic A Blog Sunday 12/2/12
Jersey Central Power & Light is seeking permission from state regulators to boost its rates by 1.4 percent. Click HERE for More of the Story
Storm prep bills take center stage in the New Jersey Legislature, as lawmakers look to improve response by utility companies. Click HERE for More of the…
Topic A Blog 11/25/12
Hurricane Sandy, 1Month Later:

Shore Towns to get New Flood Maps
Sandy Cleanup to Cost NJ $29.4 Billion
Free Advice for Those Looking to Rebuild

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