Taxpayer funded health benefits will soon be coming to an end for Brick Township Council and Board Members. According to the Asbury Park Press, four Council Members who receive the taxpayer funded health benefits at $113,258 will stop when the Township health plan aligns with the state health care plan in October. It's unclear if two other Council Members who collect a $4,000 Health Benefit Waiver will be able to continue doing so. One Council Member has declined municipal health benefits and the Health Benefit Waiver altogether.

The news follows Councilman Domenick Brando's proposed measure to eliminate financial compensation, health benefits and pensions for the Township's seven Council Members. However, Brando is listed as one of the Council members who has declined municipal health benefits but collects the $4,000 Health Benefit Waiver.

Reports say, the decision to move into the state insurance plan is up to the municipal administration and does not require council approval.

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