I just have to share what happened to me last night which is a first. I got on the couch pretty early because I wanted to watch the season-finale of Boardwalk Empire which I did. Wow it was quite a shocker but for those of you who did not watch it yet I won’t spoil the ending…I’ll just say I was really surprised.

Anyway with no interest in the Monday Night Football game I began watching one of my other favorite shows, Homeland. However I kept dozing off and at some point fell into a deep sleep. I woke up around 11:15 and for whatever reason though it was the weekend. I actually got something to drink and then got back on the couch and began watching TV all along thinking I did not have to get up for work. Finally while scrolling through the TV channels I came across ESPN and they were talking about the football game….the Monday Night game and I realized it was not the weekend. Let me tell you what a disappointment that was.

So Mitt Romney has been taking a pounding over his $10,000 bet line during last weekend’s Republican Presidential debate in Iowa. Last night the one-time GOP front runner was in Parsippany for a private fundraiser featuring Governor Christie and for $2500 you could have even wiggled your way into a VIP reception. However if that was too steep than $500 got you into the Hilton Hotel and when the night was over more than $1 million had been raised for Romney’s campaign. Despite his latest gaff and the fact he’s been slipping I still think the former Massachusetts Governor will win the nomination because Newt Gingrich’s bubble just has to burst….doesn’t it?


Today is the day Jerry Sandusky appears in a Bellefonte, Pennsylvania courtroom to face some of his accusers in the child sex-abuse case that has rocked Penn State University and the entire nation. The 67-year old former assistant football coach said he is “looking forward to today” which in itself makes you believe his elevator is not reaching the top floor. The highly-anticipated hearing could even last into tomorrow and when it’s over a district judge will decide if prosecutors have convinced him that the case should go to trial. That is a foregone conclusion. Bellefonte is the county seat and about 12 miles from State College. There will be no television cameras inside the courtroom but journalists have been given permission to text and tweet updates.