One of my favorite activities on weekend summer mornings is to bike the boards. There's something about the early morning, salty air, and breeze that just screams "Jersey Summer" to me.

Since I had to force myself to make a mental of note of a recent change today, I wanted to pass along the information to fellow boardwalk bikers - there have been updates to Wildwood's boardwalk regulations regarding biking. According to a press release obtained by Wildwood 365, these changes actually take effect today.

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If you're someone who enjoys taking a spin on the boards, pay attention. Starting today, police will be enforcing an hour change regarding when bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc. are allowed to be on the boardwalk. As of today, all of the aforementioned are only allowed to be in use on the Wildwood boardwalk between the hours of 5 a.m. until 1 p.m. from now through September 14th.

The new ordinance takes effect June 15th, today, so you'll be allowed to bike again tomorrow morning. Now, for the good news....

The good news is that contrary to last year, the "no-bike" rule will expire a few weeks earlier than it has in previous years. Last year, for example, this same time allocation remained in effect until October. With this new update, it only lasts until mid September, so bikers will still get to enjoy some warm mornings once all the shoobies have gone.

You can, of course, check out the update for yourself HERE. It's not smart to test your luck with this one, though. The police are reportedly cracking down today. Follow the rules and let's all have a great summer.


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