I was at a barbecue recently and my friend's husband was taking orders.  My friends around the table asked for what they wanted.  Some went for burgers, Others were in the mood for hot dogs.  Me? I requested a hot dog that was burned  Like blackened.  Thankfully, the grill master was not surprised at my request.  He prepared the most delicious charred frankfurter.  Seems I'm not the only one who likes some foods well-done!

To see how common or bizarre my "well-done" food preferences are, I did a quick Google search.   Turns out there's a whole site where people respond to the question, "Is It Normal?"  Well, based on the responses I read, lots of people have a fondness for extra crispy foods.  (And some pointed out the possible health risks of eating them, but I want to keep this post lighthearted...)

So today I'd like to hear from those of you who gravitate towards things like well-done hot dogs, marshmallows after they've briefly caught fire, and burnt corner pieces of lasagna.  Anyone else ask for their eggs well-done and their bacon extra crispy?


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