I've always had a bit of a conundrum when it came to ordering packages online. While I live in a nice, quiet condo development, it still makes me a little uncomfortable when have a package coming and I know that it will be sitting on my porch all day long for the world to see.

Thankfully, I work in an office that's ok with me having packages sent here, where I know that it will be received by someone who I know and trust, and it won't sit outdoors in the open all day at my house for possible package thieves to snatch.

But, at the same time there is a bit of a guilt factor. The office staff here doesn't exist to serve as my designated online shopping recipients.

And that's where Amazon Lockers come in with a perfect solution.

Amazon has deployed "lockers" across the country to serve as a do it yourself post office box for packages. And it doesn't cost any extra.

In the past, when I've placed an order on Amazon and chosen the "locker" option, the nearest to us here in Ocean County used to be up in Middlesex County. Not exactly much of a convenience.

But recently, and just in time for the holiday shopping rush, Amazon Locker locations have been popping up across Ocean and Monmouth Counties. Here are the locations closest to Toms River:

Darren Gauthier | TSM
Darren Gauthier | TSM

Amazon has even put together an admittedly silly, but easy to understand explainer video:


Have you ever used an Amazon Locker? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below!