I am, by nature, a night owl, so it was a bit of an adjustment when I got paired up with Shawn to do the Early Morning Show more than 20 years ago. I did not ever love the 3:30 a.m. wakeups, but I quickly made peace with them because of you, the awesome WOBM listeners.

A few incidents stand out as I look back on my morning show days, like when we would do live remote broadcasts on Friday mornings from various locations. I'd arrive to find some of you already there, eager to share a kind word; happy to just watch the show "in action" before heading home from or off to work. That you would make time so early in the morning to go to our live shows really let me know that you are a special group of people.  The radio station is a part of your life and we're happy to be so.

The cards and gifts you've given over the years also speak to your awesomeness. I have saved and/or taken photos of many of these and I always smile when I look at them.

I enjoyed getting to know some of our contest winners over the years. We went to concerts together, rode in limos together, and ate meals together. I loved being part of events where some of you were honored for making the community a better place. I enjoyed the fun we had together at movie screenings and listener parties, and remember all the times we did the Chicken Dance?

Though I'm no longer doing the super early wake-ups, I will always have great memories of the ways WOBM listeners engage with the station. It's ongoing proof that we really are Ocean County's Hometown Station.


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