Police officers put their lives on the line every single day and sometimes those in uniform don't get recognized for the important work that they do for our communities.

Freehold Borough Police Officer Reugger was flagged down by an unidentified man and was presented with a letter for his department. The letter, the looks to be framed, says:

Our family wishes to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your dedication and service.

In spite of all the restrictions put on law enforcement recently, you go out every day to every call and put your life on the line to protect our families and communities. Our society would not survive without your service.

Please stay safe and watch over your Brothers and Sisters.

We pray daily for your safety.

God Bless You!

From a family that cares.

Under the words was an American Flag. The man chose not to be identified because "it wasn't about him, it was about the officers." According to Freehold Borough Police, the man travels throughout the country and presents letters like this one to every department he can find.

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