As we celebrate Earth Day today, AAA Mid-Atlantic is honoring the occasion by offering a week-long Auto Battery Recycling program to members and non-members.


Mid-Atlantic spokesperson Tracy Noble says AAA is again partnering with the Arbor Day Foundation to provide tree cards to anyone who purchases or recycles a car, motorcycle or lawn battery between now and Monday, April 28. Those who participate will have a tree planted in their honor in a National Forest, "We purchase a set number of cards. This year it is 2,000 and 2,000 trees are guaranteed to be planted," said Noble

Nationally, AAA has recycled more than eight million automotive batteries and continues to promote the environmental importance of recycling of this essential automotive part since improperly stored or disposed of car batteries create health, fire and safety hazards for people, animals and the environment, according to a press release from the auto club.

"Batteries are 80 to 90 percent made of recyclable materials," Noble said, adding, "So these are things that can be reused and that we can get out of the environment ,so they're not just sitting in somebody's garage, sitting in somebody's backyard, possibly adding to contamination." Mercury and lead in batteries can cause soil contamination.

Drop offs can be made at AAA's Car Care Insurance and Travel Centers through Monday, April 28th, at 1199, Route 37 East in Toms River, 251 Route 35 North in Eatontown and 4010 Dearborn Circle in Mount Laurel.