With an uncertain economy and the impact of Sandy, this holiday season is going to be tough for a lot of people. One friend of mine just had a true Christmas miracle happen, though.

My former co-worker, Sarah, is one of the many victims of our current economic crisis, but an anonymous person stepped in to save the day. I'll let her tell you the story:

I was laid off after 7 years a few months ago and it's been rather tough finding another job. Bills are starting to add up but we're making ends meet. Right before I was laid off, I had to have a crown and between the temporary crown and the real one the insurance said they wouldn't cover any of it and my bill ended up rather high.

I began making payments the best I could. $50 here $25 there. Then it happened. I sat down to pay bills, and grabbed my dental bill. I opened it and noticed that my balance due was half...yes HALF of what it was the last statement. I saw a note that it was put onto a credit card. So I immediately called the doc's office and told them they must have an error on my bill and that I didn't make a payment by credit card. The secretary told me, "I know". I said, "ok, well you can adjust that for the next statement". She said, "you didn't make a credit card payment, but someone who knew of your situation and wants to remain anonymous did".

I immediately sat on my couch and cried. Who was it? I'd love to know. But no, I wouldn't, because then the mystery would be gone. There is a good person out there somewhere who just touched me and blessed me with a monetary gift that I can't even go to to thank!

It's nice to know that there are still folks like that in the world and when I am able again, I want to pay it forward for sure!

An amazing story for sure and a great example for us to follow when we're able to. Thanks to Sarah for allowing me to share her story!

Has an anonymous benefactor ever touched your life? Tell us in the comments section!

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