One of my favorite discoveries in Italy last week was the moving sidewalks.  Spoleto is a hilly area in the Umbria region.  To make it easier for people to get around, the city has installed a huge moving walkway.  Similar to what you've seen at airports, this mechanized travelator takes you from the bottom of the city to the top, with opportunities to exit at various stops along the way.  The whole ride lasts over 17 minutes.  The walkways are covered, protecting riders from the elements.  There was music playing through the speaker system.  And I didn't see any trash or graffiti.

It struck me as being a nice way to get from Point A to Point B without exertion.  What a wonderful feature for the elderly and people who have mobility issues.

I honestly have no idea how much it cost Spoleto to install and operate this thing, but I love it and think every hilly place should have one.  I know, that's not a realistic thought but one can dream, right?

Imagine not having to sit in your car, in Parkway traffic, but instead just gliding to your work place.

If cost weren't a factor, and you had the power to get a moving walkway installed in Ocean County...where would you put it?



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