If you watched the news at all this week, you'd think that the most important thing to happen in the whole world was Justin Bieber getting arrested in Miami. Believe it or not, other things happened too, actual newsworthy things.

There were new developments in Governor Christie's troubles, there were security worries in Russia for the upcoming Olympics, and there were new marriage equality battles being fought in the US, among plenty more important news stories.

Any of those stories could impact our lives as individuals.

But you'd think that this week was all Bieber all the time, something that doesn't impact any of us in any way whatsoever (unless, of course, Justin Bieber himself comes across this article).

So what do you think, have news outlets spent too much time this week on a story that, if it didn't involve a celebrity would have never been news in the first place? Vote below and let us know what you think!