Full Townsquare Tonight Interview:

Limited government interference, fewer taxes, fiscal accountability, consolidation and finding efficiencies .... these are a few of the goals of Ocean County's Libertarian candidate for the Freeholder Brian Pizza of Forked River. On WOBM-AM's Townsquare Tonight, Brian Pizza said that as a Chemical Engineer, he'll bring his training to the post if elected.

"As an engineer, we're trained to do things more efficiently; to find the most cost effective way to do something and the fastest way to do something. That's what we're trained to do," said Pizza.

Pizza believes that Ocean County Government officials need to be accountable for every tax dollar spent in its $400 million dollar budget. He questions whether every program and service that the county provides is meeting its expectations. He said he believes the elimination of inefficient programs will help lower property taxes that he laments are too high in the State of New Jersey and too high in Ocean County.

"Even if you own your home here in New Jersey and you pay off your mortgage ... at the end of the day, you still don't own home, the state still owns your home because you have to pay those property taxes."

His explanation for entering politics at the county level? "For a third party candidate, especially a party like the Libertarian Party, we can make changes on the municipal level, at the county level. I think that we can make real changes here. It's much tougher to get into that mind set of Washington," said Pizza.

So what exactly is a Libertarian and what do they believe? Pizza said, "We stand for the smallest minority. We stand for the individual: individual freedom, individual property rights, instead of the Government that we have today that wants to micro-manage every facet of our personal lives and our private property."

Get more information about Brian Pizza at his website electpizza2014.com