I hope you got out to enjoy the nice weekend weather!  I did.  Along with hundreds basset hounds who strolled along a Jersey Shore boardwalk Saturday.  Ocean City hosted its annual Doo Dah Parade on Saturday.  It's a comedy-themed event which includes the marching, or waddling,  of floppy eared, droopy eyed dogs and their proud human companions.  I've loved these creatures since I was a little girl and cherish the years I got to care for my own basset.  She and I participated in this "Boardwaddle" parade years ago and it was a "howling" good time!  From the big crowd we saw Saturday, and the throngs of people we know attend the Halloween, St. Patrick's Day, and Columbus Day parades in Ocean County, it seems everyone loves a parade.  Do you?  Which Jersey Shore parade is your favorite?