Shawn & Sue's Think PINK Month - Breast Cancer Awareness

When I learned that my wife’s cyst had turned malignant and imminently threatened her life, I stumbled, losing my business as well as sanity ~ Michael Kesler

The book "Hurdles" addresses the viewpoint of a husband and father of four young children.......Michael and Raquel, his wife-to-be, arrive as students in this country, meet, get married, and begin their professional careers, he as a chemical engineer and she, a pediatrician. Ambition and drive, traits they forged during their formative, horrific years in World War II, helped them achieve professional notoriety and an enviable lifestyle. A cyst on Raquel’s breast cruelly reverses their fortunes.

Michael G. Kesler, Ph.D ... addresses breast cancer, which afflicts nearly 200,000 women in the U.S. each year .....

Look for Shawn & Sue this Sunday ( 10/20 )  at the Making Strides Walk in Point Pleasant Beach !