Downtown Toms River has gone through a lot of changes over the years. But one place that has been a witness to the changes for nearly 100 years is Harris' Clothing Store. But, as with all things, the time for change has come, says the Harris family.

The current owners, Christine and Glenn Harris, have announced that the store will close by the end of the year.

The business has been a fixture in Downtown Toms River since the original location opened where Huddy Park now is, back in 1928. It's been in the current location on Main Street since the late 1930s.

And now, three generations of the Harris family later, the current owners say that it's time to take a break and retire.

Thankfully, the decision to close was one that the Harris' made on their own. It's not due to financial hardship, oppressive big box competition, or other factors. The Harris family says that it's time to take a break, retire, and relax.

It's nice to see a friendly fixture being able to go on their own terms.

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