Summer is finally here, and it looks like the rain is taking a break for a few days. But, we'll be welcoming some humidity!

Here are 3 ways you can beat the heat (and have fun doing it) at the Jersey Shore!

1 - Go to the Beach

This one is a bit obvious. Take advantage of the fact that we live by the water, and visit the beach. You can cool down in the water, or spend time in the air-conditioned arcades at the Boardwalks.

2 - See a Movie

The best way to kill time and stay cool while doing it is at the movie theater! There are lots of great movies out this Summer. See a new release, or you can enjoy your favorites at a discounted rate at some theaters.

3 - Go Shopping

I can't be the only person who finds shopping to be fun! The Jersey Shore is home to some great malls. Avoid the humidity (and treat yourself!) by spending the day at a shopping mall.

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