The Wall Christmas Light Show is an event that started as a small community gathering and eventually grew to an attraction that drew spectators from all over New Jersey and beyond. 

Sadly, it's not happening this year.

In a Facebook posting, the crew of the Christmas Light Show said that municipal and logistical issues were the reason the holiday tradition won't be happening this year.

Last year, the last two scheduled shows had to be scrapped because their resources had run out.

If you've ever seen the production that has been put on at Woolley Road, it's quite an undertaking.

What's probably the saddest part of this news is that this was a huge benefit for a  charity called Rally Cap Sports. Donations to the Wall Christmas Light Show enables them to create positive sports environments for children and young adults with special needs. This aspect was really the heartbeat of the entire annual event.

I urge everyone to make a donation to Rally Cap Sports. While the Christmas Light Show isn't happening this year, it's a great way for us to say 'thank you' to those who have put this show on for over a decade and tried their hardest to make it happen this year.

The Christmas Light Show house at 2702 Woolley will still be lit this year. They are hoping to bring the show back in 2018.

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