Violence, vandalism, weapons, drug use and bullying are no longer confined to the urban areas of New Jersey anymore ~ Toms River Patch

The latest findings are out with Jersey Shore school violence.

The types of offenses included are as follows:

  • Violence: Assault, Fight, Robbery, Extortion, Sex Offense, Criminal Threat, Threat, Kidnapping;
  • Vandalism: Arson, Bomb Threat or Fake Bomb, Burglary, Damage to Property, Fire Alarm Offense, Fireworks Offense, Theft, Trespassing
  • Weapons: Use, Possession, Sale or Distribution
  • Substances: Use, Possession, Sale or Distribution
  • HIB: Harassment, Intimidation, or Bullying

The findings were released by the Department of Education as part of its most recent report on Violence, Vandalism and Substance Abuse in New Jersey Schools, using 2016-17 statistics.

Here are the Top 10 Jersey Shore School Districts with the most reported violence.

Ocean County Top 5:

  1. Toms River Regional (309*)
  2. Brick Township (149*)
  3. Lakewood Township (97*)
  4. Jackson Twp (89*)
  5. Manchester Twp (79*)

Ocean County Schools Total Reported Incidents (1,097)

Monmouth County Top 5:

  1. Freehold Regional (137*)
  2. Neptune Twp (126*)
  3. Middletown Twp (104*)
  4. Asbury Park City (85*)
  5. Matawan-Aberdeen (76*)

Monmouth County Schools Total Reported Incidents (1,295)

* denotes TOTAL incidents from all categories reported

Keep in mind the State reports incidents based on "districts" so larger districts will have more schools and student population

Also Toms River Regional Schools are the most populated at the Shore with nearly 16,000 students .....

How do you feel about your district?

Do your kids relay stories of violence in your school?

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