The game of Chess will be used to teach youth some important life lessons in Lakewood this weekend.

Orrin Hudson (

National youth crime prevention mentor Orrin Hudson, who founded "Be Someone" and Ocean County State Superior Court Judge Wendel Daniels will be hosting ChessFest at the Calvary Lighthouse Church on County Line Road Saturday, September 29th.

Hudson, who's a former Alabama State Trooper, says the game of Chess literally changed his destiny. Thirty years ago a white teacher in an all black high school taught me how to play chess and it saved my life because it got me directing my energy in a positive way. It taught me how to focus and to concentrate." Hudson says he also began to hang around people who were smarter than himself.

Hudson says he and Judge Daniels are going to get together and teach young people about thinking about the moves they're about to make. "We've gotta teach children that every move they make has a consequence and that there are patterns and pattern recognition is the key to success in all fields. The more patterns that you can recognize, the more successful you can be and once you learn the patterns you can determine what's coming next and you can position yourself to win."

Hudson travels all over the country teaching the game of Chess to youth. He says he even earned the nickname "Check Mate" from one of his favorite mentors two-time Academy Award winning Actress Jane Fonda who observed him win every game he played with Youth during a program she hosted.

ChessFest is free and open to youth up to age 18. The event runs from noon to 4. Calvary Lighthouse is at 1133 E. County Line Road, Lakewood.