Every adult remembers ripping into presents at the holidays hoping for a fancy new toy. One of the best parts of being an adult - you don't have to wait for the holidays.

This past weekend I was at the mall and one of the kiosks caught my eye. We've probably all seen the stands in the middle of the mall with electronic knick-knacks zipping around, and walked past without a second glance.

This time, I stopped walking.

The one I stopped at was selling remote control helicopters.

The little ones that you can zoom around your living room and annoy your pets, and the big ones that you can take outside and annoy your neighbors.

I wanted a big one.

Of course the employee tried to upsell me, but I already had my mind set. They're not exactly cheap, but we haggled a little and I got him down to a price that I thought was reasonable.

So I got myself a new toy. And honestly, I have no regrets.

Well, maybe one...

Photo by Justin Louis

I should have played with it a little further away from the trees the first time...