I admit it, I'm a snacker. I always have snacks in my desk. In fact it's pretty likely that there are more snacks in my desk than actual work...but I digress. 

Of course, these days, everything is mass produced and packaged. It's all done by finely tuned machinery that fills containers by weight. 

But every now and then you get lucky. You pick up a bag of snacks and it just feels a little heftier than the others. You open it up to find a gold mine of extra goodies. What that does to the nutritional information on the package, I have no idea, but hey let's not look a gift snack in the mouth here. 

I will say that I have been on the other end of the spectrum too. I've definitely cracked open a suspiciously light package to find about three snacks nestled inside. 

I guess it all evens out in the end, but you gotta admit, finding that little bit extra can be a little ray of sunshine in what could be an otherwise routine day. 

What little surprises make your day just a bit more fun? Comment below and let us know!